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Ultrasonore OÜ is located in Estonia. We provide thickness measurements for all types of vessels worldwide in yards, dry docks, at anchorage, and during voyages as well as while staying in port or shipyard without additional expenses for building scaffolds, using rafting or industrial mountaineering. We carry out Class, CAP and steel work inspections according to Class Rules and Customers requirements. We offer to all our clients repair sketches, repair specification included in each UTM report if have been found any subjects for repair. All our specialists are trained and certified in accordance to EN473 program level 2.

The company is always motivated towards expanding with new clients and ventures.

Established in January 2017, Ultrasonore OÜ was formed as a completely independent inspection and testing company. Offering a professional service in order to meet the requirements of the engineering and shipping industries. Our service engineers, certified according to EN 473 (UT level II) and equipped with modern portable devices, have more than 10 years experience on different types of vessels. Have been inspected more than 200 different types of ships.

We have several partners who focus on all kind of steel renewal, mechanical, electrical, painting, welding services. These companies approved and accepted by above mentioned classification societies.