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Our services:

  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement for all type of vessels including ESP

    • – Class Survey
    • – Intermediate survey
    • – CAP,
    • – Condition Survey for
    • – Steel supervision during DD
  • UTM reporting
    Our company has a completely different approach to final report preparation. We have a dedicated
    technical team in our main office who ar dealing with report preparation, while technicians are
    working onboard. This helps us to speed up the process of report preparation and approval by Class
    Society. Very often our clients receive final reports just a few days after measuring works are
  • Anchor Chain Calibration
  • Rope Access / Rafting
    In our team there are experts who have Rope access, therefore we are able to carry out measurements in hard-to reach areas. Very often it allows to save considerable funds on scaffolding/ cherry picker. Usually such measurements are necessary for bilge, ballast tanks and cargo holds of bulk ships and tankers.
    The climbers certified by IRATA to carry out works at height.
  • Repair sketches preparation on board
  • Steel Repair Supervision
    Steel Supervisor controls that all work is carried out in accordance with Class Register Rules, IACS standards and repair technology; calculates weight of renewed metal, controlling the quality of the repair processes and reporting on this. Following a steel survey, Special survey, CAP survey or owner’s interest inspection, a steel renewal plan can be provided, showing location and extent of needed repairs. This will include weight calculations and specifications, to allow an owner or manager to source the best prices in the market.
  • Photo report of coating condition / construction condition
    The report normally includes full information on condition of coating; we provide recommendations for repairs as well as calculation of areas necessary for repair.

    • – Close-up survey
    • – Pitting survey
    • – Damage survey